Excellent weather for this years Fete de l’Oiseau in St Genis Pouilly

Fete de l'Oiseau 2014This weekend is the weekend of the traditional Fete de l’Oiseau in our old “hometown” here in France. The last couple of days we have had a shift in the weather towards real summer weather meaning the temperatures have been in the 25+ region. Right now it is about 28 degrees and, according to the forecast, it is going to flirt with 30 degrees the coming days.

Naturally we went to the fairground this afternoon. Apart from the fact that the kids would have gone bananas if we had not, I do like to go to these fairs. I really like the atmosphere, even though some of the attractions had the volume cranked up a bit too much for an afternoon visit this year, and the way the kids go all…well…I cannot find the words in English (nor Swedish for that matter) but you know how kids go when going to a place full of attractions, candy stands etc…

Fete de l'Oiseau 2014We spent about two hours there which was quite enough for us adults but not for the kids of course. Actually it would not have been enough for us adults either, at least not for me, if it was only one day but we are going back tomorrow. The kids are still hoping that we go back on Monday as well, since it is a holiday, but that remains to be seen. I am not too convinced that we will go there three days in a row.

Anyway, I brought my G5 with me and snapped a few photos which I published to my Miscellaneous 2014 account on Flickr. Looking at these photos I have to say that I am both envious and happy that JJ have not inherited my aptitude for motion sickness :-).

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