Wow, three visits to Fete de l’Oiseau this year!

Fete de l'Oiseau 2014That is the most that we have been visiting Fete de l’Oiseau in a single year since a very long time. When we still lived in St Genis and could just walk down we visited the fairground a lot. Sometimes several times in a single day. Heck in the good old days, when the fete was still held along the roads in the village itself, not on a dedicated lot a bit to the side as now, we only had to walk outside the door. We literally had the attractions just outside our apartment.

Still, I have to say that the last visit this time gave somewhat of a Deja Vu feeling. Well, the kids have been really happy, the weather have been great and I have to say that I myself really enjoyed it all three times.

It was a bit on the hot side though. Around 30 degrees in the shade. No that this is unusual for the region but it came on rather suddenly. Last week it was 8 degrees one morning when I drove to work. Today it was 22 Celsius at 9 o’clock in the morning and 30+ in the afternoon.

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