The lost daughter is back

IMG-20140621-0843Yesterday the busses from the school excursion arrived with the kids at around 8 o’clock in the evening so we were there to pick up Cassandra. She had obviously had a nice “medieval” week with the school. The teachers took a few photos each day which was published on the site of the Sou des Ecoles de Crozet but most of them were very small and only two had Cassandra in them.

Cassandra had a camera with her but we have to have those photos developed the old-fashioned way since the school only allowed disposable cameras, not digital ones. That is unfortunately an effect of some parents expecting the school to be responsible if the kids drop or lose their cameras and in todays lawyer paradise the school cannot afford to be sued by some jerk.

IMG-20140621-0840Anyway, after we came home we had some traditional midsummer matjesill, eggs, smoked eel and other classical Swedish stuff for supper. Today Bodil is taking the small ones to Lac Divonne for a dip. Jonathan is enjoying the peace and quiet with his younger siblings gone. The sound level in the house did indeed go up quite a lot after the two youngest ones were reunited again. Myself, I’m going to attack some of the weeds in the garden.

IMG-20140621-0844We had a quick sausage barbeque for lunch and just after lunch I took out the camera and snapped a few shots of the garden flowers in the nice weather as you can see from the photos decorating this post.

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