And so it is (was) time for the end of school activities in Crozet again

End of school festivities in CrozetAs usual the kids were making a singing performance just before lunch and then it was time for fun and games in the afternoon. I wrote kids in plural but this year it was only one kid, at least officially. Jonathan have departed for the next steps on the educational ladder since quite a while and although Timothy should theoretically still be in Crozet he is not due to his special educational needs. His school in St Genis Pouilly also had some end of school activities of course but we could only go to one of them and, since he have been attending the Crozet school for most of the time and they do allow anyone on the village to participate in the fun and games part, we decided to go to the Crozet one.

The weather forecast was disastrous. Luckily it was wrong. It is rather amazing that they cannot forecast the weather from one day to another but they can tell us that it we do not pay more taxes for driving a car the weather will change. Well, needless to say I am not overly convinced. Anyway, I digress.

Timothy and Cassandra had a good time. Jonathan decided to stay at home which meant that he spent his time in front of the computer. Anyone surprised? I am not!

I did bring a camera of course but, due to the weather forecast, I only brought my G15. It is a decent enough camera but I just hate the trigger delay compared to my SLR. Anyway, I uploaded a few of the photos I took to my Flickr photostream.

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