Château de Gruyères, Museum H.R. Giger and lousy Swiss drivers

Trip to Château de Gruyères and Museum H.R. GigerToday we went for a trip to Château de Gruyères. With the kids having started their school holiday last week we really did not want to stay put in the house even though the weather forecast was a wee bit discouraging for making an excursion. So we decided that, by going to a castle, we could at least stay mostly inside if the weather turned too bad.

As it turned out we had a quite nice day. Sure, photo-wise it could have been better since the gray weather made the outdoor photos somewhat dull but in the end we had a rather nice time. The castle was built after a fairly standard model at the time which meant that it had a nice small village at the entrance of the castle. The village has been fairly well maintained and there were plenty of nice restaurants to choose from when lunch time arrived. Of course it was a bit of a tourist trap but not too bad nonetheless and the food was quite decent.

Trip to Château de Gruyères and Museum H.R. GigerThe castle made for a nice visit by itself but what really made the trip was that just outside the castle lies the H.R. Giger Museum. I did not know this when Bodil suggested that we go there and it was not until I looked the place up on the web that I noticed that the museum was there. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, you were not allowed to take photos inside the museum but it was really really cool. Seeing the art of the guy one have to wonder what went on in the guys head. The museum also displayed some of Giger’s personal art collection and the stuff he collected from other artists are just as weird and bizarre as his own art.

Trip to Château de Gruyères and Museum H.R. GigerAfter having finished the museum visit we went back home which was a bit of an ordeal. The rain started to pour down for parts of the return trip but what really made it an ordeal was, as usual, the bloody Swiss drivers. The Swiss drivers must be among the worst in the world. At least in the parts of the world where I have driven. If there are two choices to make for a Swiss driver he always makes the choice that hinders and annoys as many of his fellow drivers as possible. Driving on a highway (autoroute) for a Swiss driver means taking any opportunity to hog the left high-speed lane, usually when driving well below the authorized speed limit. Some people, usually French, get so tired by this that they pass on the right. Something I refuse to do since it is both dangerous and against the law.

Anyway, it was a really nice excursion. I brough my SLR and took quite a few photos, despite the not so good weather, and I’ve created a Château de Gruyères album on Flickr where I uploaded a selection.

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