Took a trip to Yvoire via boat from Nyon today

Trip to Yvoire for lunch via boat from NyonSince the weather forecast was predicting absolutely marvelous weather today and tomorrow I took two days off to get a long weekend were we could make a couple of excursions with the kids while they have summer holidays. With the current family situation back in Sweden we do not dare to go for a longer holiday, at least not right now, so I grabbed the opportunity when it presented itself.

So today we went to Nyon and took the boat over to the medieval town of Yvoire on the French side for a lunch. Sounds a bit complicated to go from France to Switzerland and then back to France for lunch but it is actually a faster way to get there than to drive from where we live in France. Besides the whole idea of the excursion was to take the kids for a boat trip. Well, in addition to the lunch at a semi-fancy restaurant in Yvoire of course.

Trip to Yvoire for lunch via boat from NyonWe were not sure how long it would take since we had never taken the boat before but it was really fast and we were in Yvoire a lot earlier than we had planned for so we had quite a walkabout in Yvoire and discovered quite a few alleys and small squares where we had not been before. We also found an art gallery where they had some lovely metal art. Not sculptures but rather “paintings”. I got in a bit of buying frenzy so we got one of them with us home. It is still in its packaging but I will publish a photo when we have put in place. The latter still has to be decided though.

Speaking of photos, I had my SLR with me of course so I took some photos during the day. Yvoire is quite a “photogenic” place although it is rather difficult to take photos that do not resemble standard tourist photos too much. At least when you have the wife and three kids tagging along which means that you have to snap when you can. Anyway, I uploaded a few of the ones I took to a Boat trip to Yvoire photo album on Flickr.

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