Second castle visit in the last 7 days. This time to Château de Chillon outside of Montreux

Visit at Château de ChillonTodays excursion brought us to Château de Chillon which lies a few minutes outside of Montreux. The castle is built on a small island so it literally lies in the water of Lac Leman. It is a wonderfully beautiful castle on the outside. As an excursion goal I have to say that I found Château de Gruyères to be more enjoyable. Château de Chillon lies more or less by itself and there is really nothing else around except two restaurants of which one is nothing but a tourist trap. To park your car there is also a pain. Their web-site claims that there is a “big parking” in front of the castle. That is really a joke.

The inside of the castle is very well-organized but again, it is a bit of a tourist trap. There are plenty of rooms but they are more or less barren. Some of them have been stuffed with some art objects which really looks too modern to fit in and even those rooms that are supposed to show something of the times when the castle was in use are sparsely decorated with authentic objects and they all have one or more modern object(s) in them that really spoils the atmosphere. Thus I took a lot less photos on this trip than on the previous one. Nevertheless I took a few photos and uploaded some of them to the Château de Chillon photo album on Flickr.

Lunch after our visit atChâteau de ChillonAnyway, it was a nice trip and a fairly nice visit nonetheless. Afterwards we had a lunch at the second restaurant, the one not so much of a tourist trap, close to the castle. It was a quite nice meal. Nothing fancy but some solid cooking of the kind you expect to find around Lac Leman.

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