Looking for furniture and having a very nice lunch at Auberge des Chasseures

We are making quite a bit of a house improvement drive this summer. Not only in terms if cleaning up my workshop in the basement and refreshing Timothy’s room but we’re also hoping to get on with the small “salon” which have been pretty much left in the rather sorry state that it was in when we moved into this house 14 years ago.

Thus we had planned to go looking for some furniture this weekend. Not really for the small salon since we have to renovate that room first but for some linen cupboards and other stuff that we would like to have to put various things in now when we are starting to clean up the mess that we have stuffed into various corners over the years.

Unfortunately we met with little success this weekend. Out of five furniture stores that we visited three of them were closed for summer holidays. That was really annoying. I can understand that these people need to have holidays as well but summer holiday time is also the time when people like me have the time to spend on things like home renovations and refurbishing.

Auberge des Chasseures Grande SalleWell we did find some furniture that we liked in one of the stores but the lady at the store could not provide a picture of the exact model that we were interested in so we told her to get back to us when she had contacted the supplier since we were not going to buy a piece of furniture for well over thousand euros without having seen exactly what it looked like.

Anyway, after the not so successful shopping spree we went off to try a new restaurant, Auberge des Chasseures. It is not new for the region, rather the inverse, but it was the first time we went there. We have been wanting to go there for quite a while but it has never happened until now. Even today it was almost unplanned. We had planned to go to another restaurant but when we tried to phone yesterday they did not answer so I simply phoned this place instead and booked a table.

As it turned out this was a good turn of events. The restaurant was really nice. It was indeed an old-style French auberge with an excellent atmosphere and matching food. The menu was quite small with “only” four entrees, three meat dishes and two fish dishes. Now I do not really see this as a bad thing. Better to have few dishes that are well prepared than loads of mediocre ones and these dishes were really well prepared. In such a traditional French restaurant I had traditional Fois Gras (dear Schwarzenegger you should have stuck to movies and not meddled in politics) for entrée of course followed by an equally traditional farmers chicken with morels. The kids went for the Charolais beef while my dear wife chose one of the fish dishes. All of it excellent.

The only complaint would be that it was truly traditional French cooking meaning that we were so stuffed after the main course that we, to Timothy’s great chagrin, did not go for a dessert. Unfortunately the place is not open during the winter season but I am sure that we will try to go back there. If not this year so the next.

I did not bring a camera and I do not really fancy starting to click of pictures with my phone like some common tourist on a reasonably posh restaurant like this one so the photos decorating this post is blatantly stolen from their site. Since I am giving them publicity after all I doubt that they mind.

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