Yet another visit to Zoo de Servion

Trip to Zoo de ServionZoo de Servion is a fairly small zoo in Switzerland a little more than an hours drive from our place. It is not something you would make a detour to on your holiday but it is a nice place to take your kids when, like us, you are not living too far away and can make it there and back in a little more than half a day. So this is exactly what we did today. We have a habit of ending up in this zoo once a year although I think we did not go there last year. Last year we did our trip to Porto for summer holiday so we did not do as many excursions in the near region that year as we have done some years.

Trip to Zoo de ServionOh, if you wonder why I am not working on a Friday it is because I have 3 days left that I have to take now or else I will lose them. For some strange historical reason CERN’s “leave year” do not coincide with the calendar year. So since we, for various reasons, never managed to make a real summer holiday trip I wanted to use this “forced” holiday days to make a few excursions with the kids before they start school again.

I brought my camera but it was a bit of “deja vu” of course so I mostly took some family souvenir photos. I published a few to my generic Excursions 2014 photo album on Flickr.

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