Airplanes, frogs and … kangaroos!

Walkabout in Estavayer-le-lac before lunchToday we did another day trip with the kids these last days of the summer school holidays. Actually we also endured the first signs of the new school year in that we went to the Maison de Presse in St Genis to pick up JJ’s school literature for when he starts school again in a weeks time. That is not what this post is supposed to be about though.

Actually we had not planned to make a trip today but wait until Monday when there was less holiday traffic on the roads. The Swiss highways are especially frustrating on the weekends since the Swiss drivers have absolutely zero respect for other drivers and they generally hog the left high-speed lane even when driving at speeds well below the speed limit. Anyway, I digress again…

So yesterday evening my dear wife discovered that there was a military airplane museum in Payerne which is not too far away from here. So, on a whim, we decided to go there today. It is a bit of an enthusiast museum so it is only open in the afternoon. Thus we left in the mid morning and stopped in the nearby village of Estavayer-le-lac we’re we planned to have lunch before going on to the museum. The village also had a Musee de Grenouilles or “Frog Museum” which we visited.

Musee de Grenouilles in Estavayer-le-lacWell, the “Frog Museum” was interesting but the frog part was, well I am tempted to call it a tourist trap but that would not really be telling the entire truth. The place was a rather quaint regional museum with a weapons collection as well as a general collection of “old stuff”. A lot of ancient stuff where stuffed in more or less where one could make space for it. I know, I used the word stuff a lot but that is really the best way to describe the place. Stuffy with stuff stuffed in everywhere. It was a memorable experience. What about the frogs? Well in the bottom floor there was a single display where the collection of a captain in the Swiss army from the first half of the 19’th century was on display. Apparently he had the idea of capturing frogs, stuffing them, and putting them in more or less “doll house” environments like they were ordinary people. I have to say that the collection was quite interesting but given that the majority of the museum had nothing to do with frogs I would say that the name of the place was a bit misplaced.

Nevertheless this was but a way to spend the time before lunch and our subsequent trip to the airplane museum. We had lunch in the same village as the “frog museum”. This was quite a nice experience. The restaurant was one that was recommended by the lady at the museum. It was quite simple and the waitress was a bit whimsical but the food was very good. When we studied the menu the waitress told us that the she had no more bison. So me and JJ took kangaroo instead (no kidding).

Lunch in Estavayer-le-lacAs you can see from the photos (I took that one with my phone by the way so the quality is rather lousy) we got some huge napkins because the waitress were worried that we would get our clothes stained. The kangaroo, which was advertised as entrecote but to me were more like a filet, was served with a thick chunk of pre-heated ardoise stone where you cooked your own food. Actually it was a bit pre-cooked and then you could cook it to the degree your wanted. The food was excellent, simple but very good quality, and the ardoise stone cooking made for a nice and memorable touch.

After having finished our lunch we went to the airplane museum which was out main goal for our trip today. I was small but quite well done. Not much to say about it. JJ of course spotted that they had a model of Saab 35 Draken in their model collection. That was the good old times when Sweden could make top of the line aircrafts without our useless politicians screwing everything up.

Well, that is about it. I took a few photos as usual and I have published a few of them to my Excursions 2014 photo album.

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