Trip to Jurapark in Switzerland and a nice lunch i Le Pont at the shore of Lac de Joux

Jurapark in SchweizToday we made an excursion to Jurapark in YverdonSwitzerland followed by a nice lunch in Le Pont situated at he shore of Lac de Joux. We had originally contemplated going to the underground lake (the biggest one in Europe) in St Leonard but it would have been a much longer trip and the reviews we found was not all that encouraging so we went to Jurapark instead.

It is really a quite small park with only four animal species, bears, wolfs, bison and a local type of horse. It is however an excellent display of these four species where, especially the bears, have big areas to roam without the crowded feeling that you frequently have in ordinary zoo’s. Unfortunately the weather forecast was pretty much wrong. Jurapark in Schweiz It said 0% changes of rain but in reality it drizzled all the time until lunch. It did not really help that the temperature was less than 10 degrees (actually as low as 7 degrees at some stretches along the way according to the car thermometer). We were bloody freezing! I should of course have checked what the weather forecast was on the other side of the mountains before leaving and taken into account that we were another 400 meters up from our place which made the altitude a bit more than a 1000 meters so it should really not have come as a surprise that it was chilly.

Well, at least we got warmed up with an excellent lunch at a very nice restaurant on the way back. Actually, one reason that we picked Jurapark was that we knew about this nice village on the way back and had found this restaurant which got very nice reviews. The place was very nice, cozy and more or less packed. We were lucky that we came there early enough so that we got a table without having reserved beforehand.

Lunch in Le PontIt started off well enough when we found out that their “amuse gueule” was a small warm soup which was just what the doctored ordered after having spent time in the lousy weather looking at bears and bisons. After that me and Bodil went for the fried fish from the lake even though I was indeed tempted to go for their Schnitzel (which Timothy took by the way). Jonathan went for some barely dead beef (steak Tartare) of course.

So now we have at least made a few holiday excursions during this years summer school holidays even though we did not go for any real holiday trip abroad (Switzerland doesn’t count as abroad for us). I have tomorrow off as well but I doubt that we will go anywhere since the forecast is truly lousy with 100% change of rain.

I snapped a few photos even though the weather was not really the best for such activities, at least not for family photos, and published a few to my Excursions 2014 photo album on Flickr.

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