Pizzas and Rabbits

Timothy and Cassandra's rabbitsNo we did not have rabbit pizza for lunch today (we did have pizza though). I am mixing up events from this weekend a bit in the title of the post. First things first. The kids have been harping about getting an animal for quite some time. Originally Timothy wanted a goldfish but a) we did not think he would take care of it and b) we really did not have any place in his room for an aquarium. Unlike what a lot of people think a goldfish bowl is not something you keep a goldfish in. A goldfish requires plenty of space and a goldfish bowl is nothing but animal mistreatment.

For some time Cassandra has been really turning up the charm offensive for getting a rabbit and lately Timothy chimed in on the same tune. Well, I have always though that it was a good experience for kids to have an animal as in to take care of an animal so I was not too reluctant to give in. The kids are 10+ years after all. So Tuesday this week we went to Botanic to get the gear, reserve the rabbits and the day after, when the cages and everything was set up, Bodil and the kids went back there to get the animals. Sure I am not making any illusions that we, or rather mostly my dear wife, will be the one to do the “take care” bit for most of the time but still, they will not get off the hook entirely, and it is a good learning experience anyway.

And now for something completely different…pizza! Since it is the last weekend of the French summer school holidays we decided to make one last summer outing and go for pizza in one of our favorite pizza restaurants in Divonne les Bains. I know we have plenty of “favorite” restaurants in the region but this is one that we go back to reasonably frequently. It really was my suggestion since I quite like the “ambiance” of the place and fancied going but no one really objected, the latter which would have surprised me.

The kids are really getting a treat of their favorite food these last days by the way. Yesterday evening we had taco’s, today for lunch we had pizza and tonight we are having hamburgers. Okay, we are talking some real hamburgers here. Not any McCrap stuff but Greek style burgers made from minced lambs meet with tzatziki, a nice meat glace and a raw vegetable salsa.

Anyway, now it is about time for me to prepare the burgers. Did I hear someone say hamburgers are “fast food”? Yeah right. Get off that McCrap way of thinking dude!

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