Shopping Frenzy

Shopping.jpgWell, shopping is far from everything we did this weekend but it sure as hell was the part that made the most lasting impression on my budget…as well as my gadget meter’s happiness level 😁.

Anyway, we had not really planned much for this weekend since my team at CERN had a big deploy for this weekend. Luckily I did not have to stay up until 2 o’clock Friday night, or rather Saturday morning, as some people had to but I was still working both Friday evening as well as a few hours on Saturday and Sunday as well as being “on call” the entire weekend. Anyway, I got off pretty easy and had some time to do other things as well.

Jonathan needed new sports shoes for school and I needed new shirts for work so we went to Balexert yesterday just before lunch. Jonathan got his shoes, I got my shirts and the my dear wife made the mistake of leaving me and Jonathan alone in the electronics department of Fnac. It turned out that they had received the Microsoft Surface Pro 3…and it was substantially cheaper than the prices I’ve seen in France (no doubt due to the tax-greedy money-wasters in Brussels)…and since we have a Swiss Fnac card I got a discount on top of that. I wanted to get the Surface Pro already when the first one came out but I held off since the battery time was abysmal. This being the third generation, with decent battery time, and with a relatively decent price tag I could not resist. I’m writing this using it of course. I’ll probably write a more detailed post about it on my other site.

Apart from this shopping folly of mine we spent some time in the garden. The bloody grass still grows even though the temperatures during the nights are already almost down to single digit temperatures. Cassandra had a friend over to look at the rabbits although they spent most of the time playing in her room. It turned out that her friend was mildly allergic.

And now it’s time to sit down and read a few pages in my latest book before starting to prepare the evening meal. Filet of lamb on a vegetable bed is on the menu for tonight.

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