Shopping at Schilliger Garden Centre in Gland today

Nice car that I stumbled on at the parking of Schillger Garden CToday we made a last-minute decision to make a shopping trip to Schilliger Garden Centre in Gland.

Well, we made the last-minute decision yesterday evening and the trip today. The weather forecast was quite good, and it turned out to be correct, and I was looking for some new decorative roots for my aquarium which I had been unable to find in France so it sounded like a good idea. It was a good idea indeed. The weather was excellent for a trip to a garden centre and I found my roots. Going to put them in after I have soaked them over the night. Also, Schilliger is quite a bit more than a garden centre and has a large area dedicated to home decoration etc. so it is quit nice to visit now and then.

We finished the trip off with a visit to the Chinese/Thai buffet restaurant in St Genis that the kids like so much.

The car in the photo? Well it was parked at the parking of Schilliger and I just had to take a photo of it. I couldn’t figure out what brand it was so I had to do a Bing search when I came home. It turns out it was a Mercury Comet Caliente. Not the most common American car in Europe I would say, even when they where still manufactured.

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