October – Birthday Month

Cassandra's Birthday 2014Since both Cassandra and Jonathan have their birthdays in October I guess one could say it is a birthday month in this house. Yesterday it was Cassandra’s birthday. As usual we started the day by opening presents and, equally as usual, I took some photos but it is no longer appropriate to put photos of our kids on the net until they have gotten out of their beds and put some clothes on so you will not see those.

Cassandra got a double treat today since she was invited to a friends birthday party in the afternoon. So we spent a quiet morning were she could look at her presents in peace and then we, on her request, went to the Asian buffet restaurant in St Genis for lunch.

As far as we could see Cassandra enjoyed herself. She liked all the presents although the smartphone (a Windows Phone of course 🙂 ) did, not very surprisingly, take a lot of her interest. She ground down the batteries in less than a day but then she was playing games and downloading and installing a lot of stuff. It is her first phone so I guess the novelty will wear off with time. Actually I was writing this she came down and placed herself on a blanket in the living room starting to build the “Friends” Lego set that she got.

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