Gray, gray and more gray

No cables !We have truly entered the autumn season now. Todays weather is…gray. Yet the photo I snapped this morning from bedroom window makes me quite happy. The are no cables obstructing the view! The other week they finally finished switching from overhead cables in the air to cabling in the ground. It has taken them most of the year to dig down new sewage pipes, redo the roads and finally pull down the overhead electricity, telephone and fiber cables. Now it is finally done. The only thing that remains for them to do is to remove the old pylons. We are so happy that it is finally done. It has really been a mess. Especially when the roads turned into mud before they got them tarmac’ed again. Due to the new mayor deciding to renegotiate all the deals that the old mayor had done it took for bloody ever for it to happen as well.

Cassandra's Birthday Lunch Party 2014Given the gray weather and since we went out to eat last weekend due to Cassandra’s birthday we have made zero plans for this weekend. Cassandra had her birthday party (photo to the right) last Wednesday as well so the kids could do with a bit of a quiet weekend.

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