Oh no !!!

no-mcdonalds-image2Oh no! Jonathan have finally realized that the nearest McDonalds is only about two kilometers away from the school and this week a few of his friends persuaded him to come with them for lunch one day when they had a long lunch break. Okay school food, although in France it is light years from the slop they serve in Sweden, is perhaps not very palatable but still … McDonalds!

Luckily he concluded that mama’s burgers where still better. He did not mention my real charcoal grilled ones though, sob sob :-(. Also he will only have three days per month when he has enough time during the lunch to wander away from school for lunch and we have to provide him with the money so I think we are still safe … for a while.

We have been doing our best to teach our kids to avoid junk food, that real food tastes better, is more nutritious and healthy and really just as fast to cook if you just choose wisely. I hope the lessons have stuck.

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