2nd October Birthday and Japanese Food

Jonathan's Birthday 2014This month’s second birthday in the family occurred yesterday. This time it was Jonathan’s turn. He is now 16 which means that he is legally allowed to drive a car in France as long as there is an adult co-driver with him. Scary!

As usual the day started with singing and present opening. Equally as usual I left the singing part to the rest of the family though. Then, as is the tradition, Jonathan had picked a restaurant and since it is school holidays we decided to go there for lunch at the actual day of the birthday instead of on the closest weekend as we usually do.

I have been to a Japanese restaurant once a long time ago in Sweden and I honestly do not remember what it tasted like so this was a new and nice experience. The food was Asian style of course but yet quite different from the usual Asian (Chinese, Thai etc…) cuisine that you get in the numerous “normal” Asian restaurants around here. It was very natural (even the cooked dishes) and had distinct “sea” flavor to it. I quite liked it. It had a rather special taste so it is not something I would fancy eating every day but I definitely do want to have Japanese food again every now and then.

JJ said he was quite happy as well which, after all, was the main goal. Next time we might try and find one of those restaurants where you sit around a big table and the chef prepares the food in front of you.

I snapped a few photos at the restaurant and on the way back to the car but I only had my phone with me so the quality is rather abysmal.

Jonathan's Birthday 2014Jonathan's Birthday 2014Jonathan's Birthday 2014

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