Back home, renovation and more

Renovating the "Petit Salon"So I am back home after my not entirely happy visit to Sweden this week. I have to say that it was good to be back home. The first thing we did was go and spend some money. We went to Natural Parquet in St Genis to order, surprise surprise, some parquet that we are going to put on the floor in our “petit salon” as we call it. Hopefully we will be able to finish it before Christmas now after the setback we had which forced us to thoroughly remove the old plaster on the walls. All the way down to the concrete!

Anyway, as you can see the work progresses.

I got a somewhat Swedish welcome home. Yesterday we had Swedish “fläskpannkaka” for lunch and today we had Cervelas, which is very close to Swedish “falukorv”, and Swedish brown beans. I think I will do something decidedly non-Swedish with the duck we are going to have for tonight though. I have not decided exactly what yet but I am leaning towards something Asian with Thai rice and coconut sauce.

We made the first fire of the season in the fireplace last night by the way. The temperature have dropped at least five degrees Celsius since I left and it is quite chilly now. Today it have been gray all day so there will be another one tonight for sure.

The two small ones doing their favorite past time...Minecraft onOh, to the right you can see the kids “helping out” with the renovation by staying out of the way playing games on my PC. And if you are wondering why the back of my chair is so dusty it is because the bloody dust from ripping the plaster off the walls is impregnating the entire house. Even worse is that the vacuum cleaner now spews out a cloud of dust every time it is turned on. We use an old vacuum cleaner for “dirty” work and for cleaning out the kids rabbit cages (which is just besides my workstation) but I am considering trashing it when we’re done with the renovation and getting a new one. I probably have to get a real “professional” one from the builders shop or buy one in Switzerland though since the EU dickheads in Brussels have now decided that you are not allowed to sell normal vacuum cleaners stronger than 900 Watts. I am sorely tempted to vote for a anti-EU party in the next elections.

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