Quiet weekend…depending on how you look at it.

IMG-20141116-2251This weekend was a quiet weekend in the sense that we had no premade plans for going anywhere or doing anything outside of the house. That did, of course, not mean that we sat on our behinds all weekend. My dear wife did her shopping at Migros during the week and, since their beef is good for nothing but exercising your jaws trying to chew it she did, obviously, not buy any of it so I went out on Saturday morning to pick up some nice pieces of meat for my Gardiane La Camargue that I am doing tonight.

My dear wife spent most of the weekend continuing with the renovation of our Petit Salon although she had to give up when she ran out of sanding paper but also because our old vacuum cleaner that we used for “dirty work” gave up and overheated from all the sanding dust. I have been planning to get a real semi professional heavy duty one to have for the basement and garage but I have not got around to it yet. Something that was mentioned to me once or twice when the one we have gave up.

IMG-20141116-2254Myself I split my time between raking leaves in the garden and cleaning out the shelves in the garage. The latter rendered me a trip to the garbage collection this morning.

Then of course we got our new cupboard delivered last Thursday as you can see from the photos. We have been waiting for that one quite some time and we really needed the additional storage space. Besides, it is quite decorative even though right now it is a bit crammed in with boxes everywhere containing the stuff that are supposed to go back into the Petit Salon once we are done there.

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