Christmas shopping, steak frites and painting

Shopping.jpgYes it is that time of the year again, Christmas shopping time. At least when you have to send the packages all over Europe. The last package we sent to Sweden took 1 day to leave France and then 5(!) days before someone at the postal service(?) in Sweden registered it. At least according to the tracking by La Poste. There is no way that it took 5 days to transport it from France to Sweden so someone have just been lazy when it comes to processing it.

Anyway, yesterday morning was spent at Val Thoiry doing some Christmas shopping. I quite like Christmas shopping with the family actually. At least when you can do it reasonably early so the shops are not too crowded. It is also a good excuse/opportunity to have a nice French Bistro lunch. Le Sabayon at Val Thoiry is nothing really special but it is good value for the money and they have a quite decent classical French “Steak Frites”.

Renovation of the "Petit Salon" finally back on trackToday Bodil spent the morning putting the undercoat on the walls in the “petit salon”. We are finally back on track on that one after the unfortunate setback earlier. It actually looks quite good already (compared to what it looked before) even though the final coat is not on yet. That will probably happen the next few days though. Then we will see if we get the parquet delivered before Christmas so we, at least, can get the room itself finished before Christmas. The furniture that we ordered will not come before Christmas (foreseen delivery date is not until February) so the room will be somewhat barren until then.

The Nativity Set 2014Then it is First of Advent today so some of the Christmas decorations went up this afternoon. With one room temporarily “out of commission” we had a wee bit of difficulty finding places for everything so the nativity set went up on the buffet in my reading corner on the mezzanine instead of in the room where it usually goes. Not that it looks bad there but my African vase and some other stuff had to be temporarily deported to storage the basement.

Well, it is Sunday afternoon so, as usual, it is time to sit down and do some reading before I start cooking for the evening meal. It is lamb stew on the menu for tonight.

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