Annual Christmas bazar in Lausanne

IMG-20141206-2278Time flies and the stress levels rise as usual at this time of the year. Lucia is next weekend and I still have not gotten any real Christmas presents for Bodil except the usual books and CD’s. Neither have the kids. Of course we have loads of stuff that have to be finished before Christmas at work as well. Sigh.

Anyway, this weekend is the weekend of the annual Christmas bazar arranged by the Swedish church in Lausanne so, as usual, we went there to get our smoked eel, lutfisk, elk sausage, herring to pickle and a bunch of other stuff. The kids got their Swedish hot dogs of course. For once it was almost decent weather driving there. At least it was not rain or snow.

Afterwards we stopped at Nyon for a nice lunch at Auberge du Château in Nyon. Not surprisingly we got stuffed from eating a multi-course meal for lunch. The kids especially so since they had already eaten their hot dogs just before we left Lausanne. Usually I have one as well but I knew it was likely that we would end up at this restaurant so I was clever enough to skip the hot dog.

I did not bring my camera this time since the bazar is pretty much the same every year and, consequently, the photos tend to become been there, seen that, done that type of photos. Thus I only snapped a quick one with my phone so I would have something to put up together with this post.

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