Lucia, time to set up the Christmas village.

Lucia, time to set up the Christmas villageToday is Lucia which means that it is time for the Christmas village to go up in our house. We had this great idea of buying one new thing, like another house, every year to expand on it. Well, already after four houses we ran out of space. We did buy a new figurine this year though but that is it.

Anyway, if we roll back a bit, we started the day by going to Balexert to do some Christmas shopping. The kids had not bought any presents for the rest of the family, the family in France that is, so that was on the schedule for this morning. Luckily Balexert is quite big and neither the Suisse nor the French are early birds so it was not that much of an ordeal to go shopping a Saturday morning in the Christmas season. When we left the space where we parked had really filled up though, something which is quite rare, so we were happy to get away from there.

Going for some Mexican food after the Christmas shoppingBefore leaving we had a quick lunch at the Mexican restaurant at Balexert. Nothing fancy, just some Mexican burgers for me, JJ and Cassandra, some Mexican salad for Bodil and a Mexican chicken for Timothy. The latter which he was not too happy about since it had the classical Mexican cacao sauce on it.

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