Starting the new year by putting in parquet in our “Petit Salon”

Laying the floor in the "Petit Salon"Now when the holidays are over we are slowly settling back into a more normal routine. Normal routine means back to attending to the house and thus we spent this day putting in the new parquet that we bought the first days of the Christmas holidays in our “Petit Salon”.

It was a bit of a pain to put in because it used a click system where you had to click it in two directions at the same time. Needless to say this was bloody impossible so we ended up having to assemble an entire row first and then click it all in place in one go. Since the room was not very big this was feasible but otherwise I really do not know how the people manufacturing these things expect you to do.

The last clickable parquet that we bought had different “clicks” on the short end compared to the long end and you could just click the long end in and then slap it down on the short end. Much more practical. Well the parquet is in place now and there is a 20 year warranty, it is wet washable and supposedly scratch resistant. I guess we have to see if it is Creepy resistant. Out four legged family member tends to have a lasting impression on anything made out of wood.

I took the time to update my Our House Improvements album on Flickr with a few shots both from today and from last year of the ongoing renovation work. There are quite a few photos in that album now so you have to scroll to the bottom.

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