Bricolage, shopping and pizza

Bricolage in the title for this post refers to the French meaning of the word and not the English. Yesterday Bodil and I started off with a little shopping at Bricorama to picking up some wood strips and paint to do the last bits and pieces for the Petit Salon. Unfortunately we only found half of what we wanted so we still have some work to do.

Once back home we picked up the kids and went to Pfister Meubles in Meyrin where we ordered a carpet for the Petit Salon. You could easily find carpets for 15000 and more Swiss Francs and then you did not even have to open the locked special glass room where they kept the really expensive stuff. There were no price tags visible there. If you have to ask for the price you cannot afford it I guess. Given that we have three kids and a dog carpets have a tendency to have to be replaced now and then so we picked one in a substantially more moderate price range.

Traveler Digital CameraAfterwards we tried out the Italian restaurant Da Ettore in Meyrin. It is one of those restaurants where they have a real wood stove for making the pizzas. Good pizza restaurants have a tendency to come and go in the region, especially on the French side, and right now we do not really have a good pizzeria close by so we wanted to try this one out. I have actually been there myself many years ago with my first team at CERN but I only remembered that it was quite okay. Well, it was still quite okay. The pizzas where on the upper half of the scale and they had a lot of other Italian food as well apart from pizzas. We will probably go back there since it is not too far away to go there on a whim and there is decent parking outside the restaurant.

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