Tjugondag Knut, end of Christmas and bloody plumbers!

End of ChristmasWell, yesterday was Tjugondag Knut so now Christmas is officially over. I threw out Christmas tree yesterday, shut off the outdoor decorations and Bodil put back all the indoor ones in their boxes. The living room looks funny for a while now with that big three gone not to mention a lot darker with all the lights gone.

I am at home today. We were supposed to have the plumber over and Bodil was double booked so I took the day off. When he was an hour late I phoned the guy who then told me that he had an emergency which had to come first. What the f…? I told him that I had taken a day off and that this would cost me more than what he was going to charge me (even though his rates are ridiculous). Well, he still claimed that he could not come (what kind of an emergency takes the entire day to patch up?) and that I had to understand that ours was not an emergency. Angry_thumb.jpgSo I told the fucker that this does not give him the right to just not come without at least calling us and telling us that he will not come. Ah but then he was in fact just about to search for our number. Yeah right! The fucker have not been on time even once so this time I told him to get lost. So I spent some time finding a new guy which lives in the same village as us. He does not have emergency service which I why I did not call him the first time but it is not an emergency any more and, in any case, if I had known what a useless fucker the other one was I would have gone without hot water for another couple of days.

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