Escargot and Cuisse de Grenouille at Bois Joly in Crozet

Lunch at Bois Joly in CrozetHoliday Inn in St Genis has opened a new Belgian restaurant with Moules Frite as their specialty. We had planned to go there for lunch since it is a favorite with all of our kids, especially Timothy. Unfortunately it was full when we came and if you had not reserved it was impossible to get a table. We had not reserved since Cassandra had a dentist appointment just before and we did not know how log it would take.

So we went to our local classical French restaurant at the hotel in Crozet instead. They serve traditional French cuisine so Timothy got some of his favorites anyway. He chose snails in garlic butter for entre and frog legs for main course. Not exactly what you would expect from a Swedish kid but then, after being born in Switzerland and grown up in France he is Swedish in nationality only.

It was quite nice. Jonathan went for the snails as well followed by a big chunk of dead cow and I went the traditional French with a fois gras entree followed by deer steak. It is the saison de chasse in France after all. Cassandra also decided to go for dead cow and Bodil went for a salad. Unlike a lot of really traditional French restaurants this one has quite a large selection of salads. Sometimes this restaurant goofs up the service a bit but this time it went rather well. Unfortunately the snow started to pour down while we where there so my work schedule for this afternoon went out the door. Well, I got some time to write posts on my site instead.

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