Oh no, we just got rid of the last batch of that white yucky stuff!

IMG-20150221-0078I hate it when the weather forecast is wrong. I hate it even more when it is wrong in the “wrong” way. Yesterday they promised rain in the morning, maybe a bit of snow during the night. Well, as you might have guessed from the title, and from the photo in this post, they were wrong! it started off as rain which was bad enough but then…

The bloody snow is pouring down!

New furniture in place.At least I managed to get some stuff done in the morning, like getting soaked while driving to the garbage dumb with a whole bunch of stuff that had accumulated in the basement. Oh joy…not. Well at least I can enjoy the new furniture that we got delivered this week. Now our “Petit Salon” is almost done. I did some minor retouch before lunch today and fixed a scratch in the floor that the nincompoops that delivered our new furniture managed to make.

Now I am going to sit down and go through the offer from the plumber that fixed our water heater. He pulled out a fairly significant amount of calcium depot and suggested that we got ourselves a water softener. Well I am afraid it was not a bad suggestion so now we got another major expense added to our expenditure.

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