At Salon Mer & Vigne in Prevessin

Salon Mer & Vigne in PrevessinToday we went to Salon Mer & Vigne in Prevessin. We have not been there for at least three, maybe four, years since they changed the dates and it started to collide with the one in Gex. This year it did not collide and the one in Gex have degraded a lot anyway since they decide to make it some green “biological” nonsense.

We actually got a lot more stuff than we expected. Italian dried sausages, meat, chocolate, cacao powder, tomato pesto, chili pesto, vanilla pods, nougat, a few bottles of wine etc…

We could also walk around in peace and quiet for once since we decided not to drag the kids with us this time. It was actually very nice to be back there this time. It is not the biggest one around but it is one of the better ones.

One thought on “At Salon Mer & Vigne in Prevessin

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