Kebab and car shopping

Well, as usual I am mixing two events in the title. We did not have kebab while shopping for cars. Cassandra had asked if we could not go back to the little Turkish steak house at Balexert so yesterday we went there for some Turkish food. It is actually a quite decent place. Not much more than a hole in the wall and the food is far from fancy but it is decent enough Turkish food, quite fresh and the personnel is very nice. It is not all about kebab either. Me and Jonathan had a barbeque spit with filet of beef and fries. The rest of the family went for the kebab meet with rice or salad.

However, car shopping! This weekend a lot of the car dealers in the region had an open house. I guess it is related to the fact that the Geneva car show is on right now. Since it is about time that Bodil’s car gets replaced, actually it is overdue but it is still going quite strong, we decided to take a trip to one of the dealers.

Peugeot 308 GTThere’s really not that much choice in the category that we are looking. It has to be a local French dealer for ease of service. It is quite enough that we have one car that have to be serviced in Switzerland due to lack of dealers in the region. Okay, I have 10 years of free service on that one but it is still a hassle and we can only have one car on green plates anyway. All the Asian crap is out of the question. We want something with a decent engine, not too big, decent looks. Especially the decent engine part is difficult with all the new regulations that the green-religious oxygen wasting bureaucrats in EU throws at us which is just making everything more expensive for no good reason whatsoever. Her current car is not available as new with decent engines any more thanks to the idiotic regulations for instance.

Currently our focus of interest is the new Peugeot 308 GT which you can get with a somewhat decent 205 horsepower engine. My main gripe is that they are forcing that amount of horsepower out of a tiny 1.6 liter engine block. Even with a double speed turbo that is really pushing it as far as I am concerned. With a more decent engine size I am sure the wear and tear would be a lot less. But then, for me a good engine has 8 cylinders and enough torque to drag around half a dozen of these tiny cars.

Anyway, Bodil will go back there next Thursday to show her current car and possibly get a quote.

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