Craftsmen are the same everywhere!

PlumberIt appears that it is a requirement to have a very different concept of time than “ordinary” people if you want to become a craftsman like electrician, carpenter or, in this case, plumber. After the previous disaster with the totally unreliable plumber that we got when the water heater broke we took a bit more time to search (we were a bit stressed out when the thing broke just before Christmas after all) and found a plumber that actually lived not far from our house. It is a nice enough guy that is as reliable as you can expect from a craftsman today.

The latter means that if he says he will come around 9 o’clock in the morning you better reserve between 9 and 12 o’clock that day (the unreliable ones will probably not show at all). Yesterday he was supposed to come between 8:30 and 9 o’clock. He was supposed to install the water softener that we had ordered after he emptied our water heater of a rather large amount of calcium deposits. He turned up just before lunch. How bloody difficult can it be to be in time or at least be close to be in time? At least some of the time! Very difficult for craftsmen apparently since they seem to all have the common trait of living in a different time zone than the rest of us.

The installation was supposed to only take half a day but guess what? When I came home he was still fiddling around in the basement. The guy is quite nice as a person and easy to talk to so I had a chat with him and, of course, he was “soon” to be finished. Given that it looked like a bit of a war zone down there I had my doubts. But he tinkered away and a bit later he knocked on the door. Someone without prior experience with craftsmen may have been fooled into believing he was finished. Ha! He was just going to tell us that he had to rush off because he could not find a tool he needed so he was going to quickly borrow one from a colleague.

When he finally left in the evening he still had some work to do so he has to come back. That he was supposed to do anyway together with the specialist from the water softener company who will finalize the install and set up the machine for our specific water quality, but still…

Anyway, the work looks to be well done and he is trying to give good service. He arranged for an electrician to come and get us a new outlet since we need one for the softener. Most craftsmen would just leave that to us to fix and say “call me when you’re done” after which he of course would have needed a couple of weeks to “fit us into his agenda” again..

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