It is that time of the year again.

Chop, chop chop...Well, it is that time of the year again. Spring time, gardening time. I spent the morning chopping up the last of the old peach tree that the snow broke last winter and then digging up the climbing rose that used to envelop the tree. That was a bloody pain. There must have been just as much of the bloody rose below ground as above.

Jonathan had a dentist appointment at 12:30 so I was alone with the two younger kids for lunch. My wife had bought chicken and tabouleh which I prepared for lunch. Not bad at all actually. My dear wife an Jonathan apparently went for sushi after they had been at the dentist.

After lunch we started to do some real chopping in the garden. I was really really tired of the hedge around the terasse which was becoming a real pain to trim. So this afternoon I used the phrase, if violence do not work use more violence, and thus the hedge was reduced by some 70 or so percent in volume.

Chop, chop chop...My wife decided to go quite violent towards one of our threes that needed a bit of trimming when she and Jonathan came back from the dentist.

So much for that. Now I am going to do some reading as I usually do before it is time for me to engage in the evenings culinary activities. It is Pennes au canard confit et aux légumes verts on the menu for tonight.

I added a few more photos of my violent attack on the hedge to my Flickr photo stream.

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