Bloody daylight saving time and bloody rain!

Bloody rain!Today is that bloody time of the year again. The time when we have to disrupt our daily rhythm and move around the clocks an hour for no good reason at all. A typical product of some pencil pushing bloody bureaucrat. Since I have to drive Jonathan to the bus tomorrow morning that means I have to set the alarm for, what yesterday used to be, 4:30 in the morning. To bad that George Vernon Hudson is already dead otherwise I would kill the bastard again.

To make matters worse the weather went from really nice yesterday to lousy with the rain pouring down. I am quite happy that I managed to make two trips taking the chopped down “rose tree” to the recycling center, trim down the terrace hedge and do the first lawn mowing for the season yesterday. Oh, and I washed my car as well. Hey wait…that was where I went wrong of course. Wash your car and the rain comes. Damned!

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