Another Birthday…

Timothy's 12th BirthdayYesterday it was time for yet another birthday. This time it was Timothy reaching the age of 12 years. Also, this time it was a bit special since it was at the age of 12 that Jonathan got his first laptop so he could use a PC without squatting mine. So the present for Timothy was pretty much decided a long time ago. Unlike Jonathan, Timothy have been given course in Internet security in school. It is a project that are co-sponsored by the French police. A good initiative as far as I am concerned although this laptop is still set up with a child account using Microsoft’s family security stuff.

Timothy's 12th BirthdayAs usual the day started off with opening of presents and then, since it was a Saturday, Timothy could go off an play with his new stuff. We had quite a lot of stuff to do during the day so that suited us quite well. For the evening meal Timothy had chosen home made pizza and the there was of course the cake.

To Jonathan’s delight he chose to watch the Doctor Who episodes that we missed watching when we went to the restaurant yesterday. Jonathan, as well as Timothy, is hooked on Doctor Who which we watch every Friday on Netflix. The French are abysmal at providing good Sci-Fi series so I am so happy that Netflix finally managed to get onto the French market even though the useless CanalSat and French bureaucrats managed to cripple them somewhat with this stupid “nothing newer that three years” rule.

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