Shopping for sewing machines in Annecy

Lunch at the shopping area outside AnnecyToday we went to Annecy to look for a sewing machine for my dear wife’s birthday. It is one of the things that she has on her wish list and since I know shit about sewing machines it is one of those presents were she has to choose the brand and model herself.

We did find, and buy, a sewing machine but we also decided to never go to this shopping area on a weekend ever again. It is a huge kind of industrial zone with hundreds of shops. It is so big that you really have to drive if you want to go from one end to the other end and it was filled with people and cars. It took us about 45 minutes to drive from Crozet to Annecy and we were sitting in car queues in Annecy and in the shopping area for almost as much.

Well we got what we came for at least and before leaving the area we stopped at one of the many restaurants there for some traditional French dead cow and some frites. Well my dear wife got herself a chicken salad and from a culinary point of view that was probably the best choice. Not that the dead cow was bad but it was pretty standard stuff that you get almost everywhere in France. The service was a bit confused though and they managed to misplace Cassandra’s order and did not react when they only served food for four people out of five. Intelligence was obviously not one of the criteria for employment at that place.

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