Long Weekend

Painting the wallThis has been a long weekend. Thursday was a day off, both in France and Switzerland, and I took the Friday off to “make the bridge” as they say in France. One of the things I had set my sight on for the Friday was to drive to the “déchèterie” with all the garden trash that had accumulated before we left for Sweden. The amount of trash produced by chopping down the hedge was astonishing and I still had one third of that left for starters. Naturally nature decided that Friday was the day when the rain was pouring down so now I have to clean the car both on the inside and the outside not to mention the not so insignificant nuisance of being soaked while packing and unpacking the car.

As it turned out the timing was not all bad though since, during the week, they called from the sewing machine store and told us that the machine that we had ordered for my dear wife’s birthday had arrived so a trip to Annecy ended up on the agenda for the Friday as well.

Apart from that it has been a lot of gardening since the other days have been fairly decent. Today we are back to excellent weather as well.

We also got around to do some painting. The rounded wall leading down to the garages have a tendency to deteriorate rather rapidly due to the moisture coming from the earth side of it. One problem is that we can never find a color of paint that matches the house so it has always been a wee bit off. This time we decided to forget about that and just paint it in white instead. After all the window shutters as well as the decorations around the garage doors and terrace doors are white so. Got the first layer on this morning and I will put on the second after lunch.

Oh, and I have been scanning quite a few of the old slides I brought home from Sweden as well of course. It is a slow process. In particular it takes quite some time to process them to remove defects afterwards. I will probably create a album on Flickr once I am done and publish the most interesting ones there.

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