Fete de l’Oiseau and Birthday

Fete de l'OiseuxThis weekend is the weekend of the Fete de l’Oiseau in St Genis. Naturally the kids have been looking forward to it (although there are less and less attractions that are suitable for Jonathan as he is growing older). Anyway we did of course go there yesterday afternoon. Jonathan mostly went by himself and of course jumped on the biggest and scariest stuff (see photos). He did say that he felt a bit queasy afterwards though.

Fete de l'OiseuxTimothy is mostly interested in the shooting stuff, which unfortunately is also the most expensive stuff if you are going to do a couple of rounds. He also have the habit of looking at the shelves of prices and expecting to get anything that he wants so he got rather upset when I said that there was no way that he could get that sniper rifle he wanted. He did score enough to get a small pump rifle with plastic bullets which he played with all evening.

Cassandra is mostly interested in some of the medium attractions together with Bodil. And then there is the cotton candy of course.

L'Auberge de RenfortYesterday was also Bodil’s birthday and she had picked a nice restaurant in Switzerland, Auberge de Renfort, which we visited for lunch. It was Jonathan’s kind of restaurant as well since the menu was almost exclusively consisting of various pieces of dead cow.

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