End of school activities…

At Timothy's School "spectacle"The school year in France is nearing its end and consequently there are a number of end of school activities. Last Monday we went to St Genis for Timothy’s end of school “spectacle”. Timothy’s part of it where a video that was displayed during the spectacle so there were really no photo opportunities but I snapped a photo of him and Bodil waiting for it to start.

Cassandra receiving her "End of School" dictionary in CrozetThen yesterday it was the end of school ceremony in Crozet for Cassandra. This was not just the end of the school year ceremony but since it was her last year in Crozet it was the traditional ceremony where the mayor of Crozet hands out dictionaries to the departing kids. I wonder when they are going to rethink that gift by the way. I mean, who uses a paper dictionary today?

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