Very nice “birthday” lunch at Auberge de Chateau in Nyon.

Auberge de ChateauYesterday we had a very nice lunch at Auberge de Chateau in Nyon. This is one of my favourite restaurants in the region. It is kind of posh without being so posh that you feel that you cannot go there without a suit. We had booked a table at the terrace so we were quite casually dressed. From the title of the post you might deduce that it was connected to my birthday. Traditionally we go to some restaurant at some convenient time around a family members birthday. My wife picked an excellent, and new, restaurant for her birthday last month. I decided to go for one I knew well, hence Auberge de Chateaux.

It would have been an absolutely excellent outing if not for the fact that JJ seemed to have caught the stomach illness that Timothy had a few days ago so he did not finish his truffles pizza.

Well, that and our recent family issues. Quite frankly I do not know how to handle those. Actually I am pretty sure that I will not be able to handle them. I cannot say that I have a life to look forward to anymore so…

I am sure that a few of my regular readers are wondering what those family issues are but I am afraid that I am not going to go into any details on that. At least not until the future is more clear to me although, right now I do not see any future at all. I am afraid that my will to live have largely deserted me.

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