Back from my fathers funeral.

IMG-20150701-0456Well, my last post ended on a somewhat dark note and I am afraid that this one will not improve things.

Let’s start with the good parts. It was the first time I was in Sweden without freezing my butt off. Actually it was not only pleasant but incredibly good weather. It was almost like someone higher up wanted to compensate my misery by giving me one of the, weather wise, best vacations I ever had in Sweden.

Well, I would say that the word “vacation” should be used with moderation here. After all, how much vacation is it having to fly over half a continent to attend to your fathers funeral? Actually, it was more of a vacation and a moments to gather my thoughts that I expected it to be. May parents in law are one of the nicest people that I know. They gave me the warmest of welcome and really supported me in this difficult moment. The photo decorating this post is my father in law calmly assembling the trolley he got for his lawn mover. Look at the serenity and tranquillity of the moment. At that time I really wanted to stay there forever.

Unfortunately that was not an option. I obviously had to get back to my “home” in France. Why the quotes? Well, again unfortunately, a few weeks ago my “dear” wife greeted me when coming home from work with a “thank you dear for the car you bought me” and “by the way I want a divorce”. As you might understand I am somewhat destabilised at the moment. It did not help that I learned later that my “dear” wife had spent every day I was away for my father’s funeral inviting her new boyfriend to MY house. How tactful is that? Maybe she doesn’t care about what the neighbours think but other people do and thus I not only got this information but I was also made aware that this has been going on for some time.

Well, as I am sure my dear readers understand I am not the happiest bloke in town right now. Everyone around me firmly believes that this guy, that managed to get his hooks into my wife, is not there for a long term relationship. You can interpret that in any which way you want but I’d say that someone is going to get hurt and it is not just me. I am not saying that am without blame, I should have been more perceptive if nothing else, but I just cannot understand how my wife can have gone from a reasoning person to someone throwing not only caution (the bloke is evicted from his former apartment and lives with another guy right now after all) out the window but also common decency and tact. After all, if she wanted a divorce I would have given here one and she could have asked for one before engaging in an intimate relationship with some other bloke. Especially in such as obvious and blatant manner as she has been doing now.

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