Just some ramblings…

It has been quite a while since I posted on this site. If you have read my last post it is probably fairly evident as to why it is so. I cannot say that I have been much inclined to be social lately. Neither in person nor in social media. I have managed to keep up my reviewing of books on Goodreads and my Books & Movies site but that is about it. I actually got another request from an author to review one of his books in exchange for a free copy of it a few days ago.

Otherwise the days are coming and going mostly in a haze of melancholy. Today I felt that I had to push myself to write something to keep this site alive and to keep me occupied if nothing else. Sure there’s work, you know the kind that pays for food and such, but it has been quite difficult to focus on that as well the last couple of months. From what I have discovered lately I am profoundly shocked at what has transpired. It is like my wife is another person than the one I knew. A divorce is bad enough, especially with the timing around my fathers death, but the circumstances around it truly hurts beyond belief.

A few days ago we had a meeting me, my wife and our respective lawyers. Luckily this was actually fairly constructive but nothing is put in writing, let alone signed, yet so it remains to be seen if things continue to move forward in a reasonable manner. Unfortunately that bloody lawyer of my wife persuaded her to file an initial request that was totally outrageous so now that one have to be replaced with a more reasonable one along the lines that we agreed on during the meeting. Given how things have been transpiring so far I am not holding my breath just yet. I am sure that there are going to be some persuasive whispering in my wife’s ears from a certain direction as well when it comes to the arrangements, especially the financial ones.

Then we are going to have all the hassle of selling the house of course since my wife wont be able to keep and maintain it and I do not have the means to buy her part of it. I also need my part of the sale to pay the “Prestation Compensatoire” and none of us are really interested in staying in the house anyway. The timing is crap of course since the housing market is down right now and we have not finished redoing all the rooms. We had a real estate agent making an estimate but both our lawyers suggested that we get more than one estimate so that is what we are going to do. Speaking of lawyers, we already have paid more than 3 000 EUR in lawyers fees. Grumble!

Well, at least I have managed to arrange for a four day trip to Toulouse and the various air and space museums so that the kids at least gets something that looks like a real summer holiday. It is actually mainly for Jonathan since he is the airplane fanatic in the family but I will bring the two small ones as well so we will visit some other places as well. Probably the nature and science museum since Timothy and Cassandra is more animal persons.

Okay, okay, that was a lot of complaining and whining but I just had to let out some of the steam that had accumulated. I’ll try to make the next post more positive…maybe.

Yes I changed the theme again. Tinkering with the site is a bit of relaxation for me right now.

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