Back from Toulouse.

Since a few hours me and the kids are back from Toulouse. I have to say that I was a bit nervous before we left since it was the first time I went on a holiday “alone” with all three of the kids. Especially since I knew the places that we were going to visit was mostly of interrest for Jonathan and not so much for the two smaller ones. Still it went rather well and the smaller ones liked both the Museum de Toulouse and Cite de l’Espace. Apart from those two places we visited Airbus, the A380 assembly building, the Aeroscopia museum and the Jardin Japonaise.

Since my kids are carnivores they also quite liked the “Toulousian” attitude to pieces of dead cow. For instance, we ordered entrecote for lunch on the first day. We then discovered that a normal entrecote in Toulouse is around 400 grams! Even Timothy could not finish his (it was only lunch after all). When we went back to the same restaurant in the evening the waiter suggested the filet de boeuf since that one was only around 200-250 grams, for a filet! Around Geneva you should be happy if you get 180 grams when ordering a filet. Timothy actually wanted a cote de boeuf but the waiter recommended against it since that piece was apparently even larger than the entrecote. The pieces where not just big but excellent as well. Jonathan is already talking about going back to Toulouse just for the food.

Since we went by plane (of course) I did not bring my SLR with me but only my smaller G15. Nevertheless I took a bunch of pictures of which I uploaded a selection to the Toulouse 2015 album on Flickr.

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