Going for burgers

Being alone with the kids this Saturday (my “wife” was at her new job working) we decided to go for burgers at the new restaurant, O’Brasseur, in St Genis for lunch. It is quite a nice place. A bit of a mixture between an English pub and a French brasserie. The burgers are definitely quite okay and they have other stuff, like traditional French steak and fries as well as Alsatian Flammekueches.

Me and the kids at O'Brasseur in St GenisIt is also not called O’Brasseur for nothing. They do indeed brew their own beer. The cupper barrels that you can catch glimpse at in the featured image above this post, in the middle left of the image, are the actual brewing barrels for the beer.

The kids quite enjoyed it and, for me, it helped keep the depression down a bit although it is quite hard to handle that part right now. I woke up at three o’clock this morning and could not stop thinking about various things including not so nice things to do to certain Portuguese charlatans with well oiled mouths that have managed to get their claws into the family. The only reason I keep going right know is for the kids. Otherwise…well…

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