Birthday time again

Yesterday was Cassandra’s birthday. Despite the circumstances we both (me and my wife) tried to make it as good as possible for Cassandra (as well as the rest of the kids). I have to confess that, work wise, my wife did most of the work. That is she made the cake as well as the evening meal (spaghetti with a tuna and tomato sauce with caper, I really do like that we have managed to get our kids to like the culinary pleasures in life).

As is the tradition (still) the kids got to chose a restaurant for the birthday meal and Cassandra wanted to go to an Asian one. My wife’s new working colleagues had suggested one in Ferney Voltaire. It was supposed to be so much better than the buffet one in St Genis. We all agreed that it did indeed have a much better atmosphere than the one in St Genis which does give the impression of being a bit of a dining hall. This one was cosy. As for the food, well that was pretty much the same I would say although in the plus side, they had a decent Wasabi paste with some real sting in it.

The kids seemed happy and as you can see from the blog photo they still have the same spunk and engage in the usual, not always very polite, bantering.

As for us grown ups, well at least we are supposed to be grown ups, sometimes I wonder. Anyway, my wife appears to have found an apartment. Unfortunately it is close to Bellegarde, and only a T2, which means that there will be a bit of a problem with the kids. Originally she seemed to be thinking about still having the kids for some time during the week but during our discussion this week she seems to have reconsidered on that. I get the impression that the owner of the apartment wants to make sure that we have a sustainable plan before he allows her to rent the apartment. I can understand that and I have no problem with it. What I cannot understand is that my wife seems to think this means the should simply reverse her lawyers outrageous request onto me.

However, I would walk through the gates of hell to make sure that her two bit lawyer does not manage to push me out of neither my house, so it could be taken over by that charlatan of hers, nor the life of the kids. My wife keeps saying lately that I push her out but if anything it is her two bit lawyer that pushes her out. She filed a ridicules request from the start. My lawyer immediately said that her request was not reasonable. We made a reasonable counterproposal which my wife agreed to! Her lawyer ignored it. Yes she ignored it! She did not even respond until my lawyer sent a reminder. She has stalled for months now and the consequences are that my wife could not prove that her rent would be guaranteed by me nor that she would have a pension alimentaire for the kids that equalled her salary. Of course no one would rent her an apartment when she could not prove anything.

Well, we will see what happens now. My wife has sent an email to the people that are willing to rent her the apartment in Bellegarde saying that the kids will essentially stay in our house. It will be a problem giving that I cannot stop working of course. It is quite remarkable that, when I some years ago proposed that we could get someone to help her with the household chores, like cleaning, she refused saying that she did not wont a stranger in her house but now she is not beyond suggesting that I could hire “some teenager” to help me with the kids!

I guess this soap opera is “to be continued”…

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