Playstation day…with a short interlude for a concert.

Last Saturday my Timothy had a friend come over for the day. I should have made a post already last weekend but I find it difficult to press myself to write about family events these days. Anyway, I did take a couple of photos so I finally work up enough motivation to write something.

We actually did not know that Timothy had planned this event. On Friday evening his friend’s mom called me and told me that her son was coming over. That was a bit uncomfortable of course since I had no clue. Anyway, she explained that they had planned to go to a concert in the afternoon and that she offered to bring Timothy along. So his friend came over for the day and in the afternoon his friend’s dad came and picked up Timothy for the concert.

It kind of messed with our (my) schedule of course since I was alone with the kids since my “wife” was working and I was supposed to go shopping for groceries in the morning. Timothy’s friend’s mom did not come until around 10 o’clock (we had said around 9 o’clock) so I was late to the shop and got caught up in the shopping rush meaning that I barely got home in time to make lunch. Well that is French timing.

My wife’s latest bid for an apartment went sour…again. Apparently the owner was happy to let me pay the rent but the “profile” of my wife did not suit them. In short, as far as we understand it, they did not really want kids in the apartment. Just to add to the misery my wife cancelled the latest bid to have an appointment with her lawyer yesterday since she was exceptionally forced to work that day. Funny that when I say that I have to work it is never a good argument! I am not sure how long I can continue to live in this uncertainty. I have not yet told my lawyer that the first thing my wife’s lawyer told her was that my lawyer was supposed to be a “brawler” that did not want to negotiate. So far all evidence points to the inverse. I am afraid that if I tell him it will be even more impossible to arrive at a mutually beneficial agreement but … I just cannot take this any more!

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