Went for lunch with the kids and the kids of one of my colleagues last Tuesday

Last Tuesday my “wife” was going to work all day, including Lunch, so I was planning to go home for lunch and make sure the kids were alright even though Bodil had bought sandwiches which hey could take themselves. However when my colleague heard this he suggested that we all, me the kids as well as himself, his wife and his kids went for lunch at Le Casanova in St Genis.

So that is what we did. It was quite nice actually. His kids are a wee bit younger than mine so it is not a perfect match kid-wise but it was still a good outing and Timothy did not hesitate to follow my colleague’s kids out on the playground that the restaurant has. Speaking of Timothy he was all smiles when he discovered that they had “Escargots” for starters.

I quite needed this distraction and being able to socialise a bit with some other people. My colleague is quite understanding of my current situation and he sees that I am about to crash-land with more or less disastrous effects. It was of course nice for the kids as well to actually get to go to some event outside of the house now when they are more or less left alone for most of the day with Bodil working until almost 8 o’clock in the evening. I’m coming home just after 5 o’clock but then I usually have to dive straight into ironing or some other household tasks.

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