Another restaurant visit, this time for JJ’s birthday.

Le RectiligneI have been slow to write about family events lately. It has been difficult to motivate myself given that most family related events, or in some cases lack of events (progress), has been rather depressing. However, yesterday evening we went for a Birthday dinner (my first son’s birthday) in a rather posh (actually very posh) restaurant in Divonne-les-Bains. I was actually not expecting to have such a good time as I did. Maybe it was one of those, grab the moment, events.

Le Rectiligne 2Needless to say the food, the service, the ambiance was excellent. I was able to chat along with Jonathan quite a bit. My “wife” actually seemed to be in a good mode, or at least pretended to be. I got the convocation to the judge in Bourg yesterday as well which kind of threw me in quite a bit of a depression but luckily I managed to drag myself out of it before the evening. I was helped by my colleagues as well as my lawyer who assured me that the request, which still is the only official document unfortunately, by my wife’s lawyer is inacceptable.

Anyway, we had a very good time. JJ and I chatted about, surprise surprise, airplane stuff as well as about the food. JJ is becoming quite a bit of a gourmet actually. The food? We had lobster tartare for entre and a really, and I mean really, nice deer steak cooked in a sauce of juniper berries. Tim loves sea food so he went for lobster as main dish (yes my kids have expensive tastes!). Cassandra had a big chunk of fois gras on her main dish which she did not like so I sacrificed myself helping her finish it. Maybe I should have put the word sacrifice in quotes :-).

It is not really a place where you pull out your phone and starts to snap photos (unless you are a clueless iCrap owner of course) so the photos in this post is shamelessly ripped from the site of the restaurant. Well apart from the one of  sleepy JJ opening his presents this morning of course.

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