Going forward…or not?

Yes I know that the image that I chose for this post is both depressive and provocative but it at the same tame it reflects quite a bit of my mind right now. What the hell am I supposed to do? Christmas is approaching and no solution seems to be on the horizon. Jonathan has already expressed some wishes when it comes to Christmas presents. The two younger ones really do not understand the gravity of the situation. To me Christmas was always the big, and wonderful, family holiday and now it is … broken.

Yesterday my wife went to look at another apartment in Bellegarde and, although the owner did understand that it was me that was going to pay for it, it is not clear yet whether she will not fall back to the usual BS that my wife’s salary has to be three times the rent. I think it is a good rule but it also has to take into account that her revenue is not only composed of her salary for Christ sake! Then it doesn’t help that my wife’s lawyer is still sabotaging everything by stalling and not wanting to provide a simple paper allowing my wife to prove that I am going to pay her rent!

Her two bit lawyer has, in reality, not bothered to do anything to help as far as I know except to tell Bodil, through her secretary (what the f…?), to arrange for a new meeting.

Actually this f… have not even bothered to tell my lawyer that the judge in Bourg had set a date for our first session. My lawyer was quite surprised about this. Given that the first thing this asshole told my wife was that MY lawyer was supposed to be the one not wanting an agreement but wanted a fight I find that somewhat revealing as to what kind of lawyer she is actually. Not a good revelation though.

Anyway, when I came back home yesterday I quickly proceeded to scan / provide the documents that she needed. Fingers crossed although I have really lost hope now. Christmas in this state? No way! I do not even dare to ask my “wife” what we should do for Christmas. Quite frankly she do not seem to care any more. Both me and the kids can just “deal with it”.

I know that Jonathan at least is, still, looking forward to Christmas and that he likes the food stuff that we usually do. I am thinking about how I can provide something  at least for the kids but I am also thinking about how to end it all, every bloody day.

My colleagues at CERN are very supportive but it is really reaching a state where I cannot take it any more.

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