Weekend again (sigh), tried to do the best of it.

As usual lately I was not really looking forward to the weekend. Still, I tried to do the best of it. Me and the kids went not O’Brasseur in St. Genis for lunch yesterday while Bodil was working. It was quite nice although there was a bit of controversy between the kids. The two young ones wanted to got to an Italian restaurant and JJ did absolutely not want that since he apparently had pizza at school this week.

Well, we went to O’Brasseur anyway and even though Timothy made a bit of a fuss claiming not to find anything he wanted he settled down for a Entrecote in the end. He seemed to like it after all. JJ went for a steak tartare and me and Cassandra went for their burgers which are quite good. The kids got a desert as well and in the end everything seemed okay. I did promise that we would go to an Italian restaurant next weekend though.

Now I just have to survive the Sunday and then I can go back to work. I cannot believe that I am saying this but I really look forward to the working week.

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