1st of Advent…sigh!

Yesterday was first of advent, a day that I usually looked forward to. Not so much this year. Honestly I am not sure how, if, I will cope with this years Christmas holiday.

Bois Joly BarWell the, somewhat, good news first. Me and the kids went for a, very, nice lunch at the local hotel/restaurant in Crozet, Bois Joly, which is a pretty classical French place. This is the “Season de Chasse” so it was obviously game on the menu. Both me and Jonathan chose deer which was excellent. That was for the main course of course. There was some fois gras (the hypocritical detractors of fois gras, Schwarzy included, can go f… themselves) and other goodies before that. Timothy had frog legs for main course. Quite a few frogs was needed to satisfy his appetite. I guess I pissed of a few more fanatical green wankers with that statement and I am not sorry about it. They have probably never tasted frog legs anyway so they do not know what they are mouthing off about.

Anyway, it was quite a good lunch with the kids.

Another piece of good news was that my “wife”, or rather we since I had to sign for it, manage to finally get hold of an apartment. That is of course a mixed blessing since it means that I am one step closer to being truly alone. At least it defuses my wife’s two bit lawyer in that she can no longer make a claim that I should leave the house which she conveniently left the door open for when she, very reluctantly, agreed to the deal that both me and my wife had agreed to a few months ago. If she would have gotten her thumbs out of her arse earlier we might have managed to get an apartment close to where the kids go to school but unfortunately my wife managed to not get the brightest and, certainly, not the most professional bulb in town for lawyer.

Unfortunately the good mood did not last very long. Last evening Jonathan presented a sheet of paper were we should write down which teachers we wanted to see during a end of semester session at his school in Bellegarde. Naturally this was in the evening and I commented that this was an issue since my “wife” was working and that I had to leave the two small ones alone during the entire evening. I asked here if she thought that was okay. I guess that her, now frequent, mood swings had gotten the better of her by then since she just gave me some bullshit about other people coping.

What the fuck? Other people do not necessarily have a job from 10 in the morning to 8 o’clock in the evening which my wife has chosen to have. Other people might not have three kids. Other people might actually live in Bellegarde and not an hour drive from there. Other people might have relatives in the region who can take care of the kids. A lot of other people do not work both of them. Also, actually, some other people do not actually manage to go to everything the school proposes. Etc. etc. and so on.

I asked a simple question trying to make the best of it and I was told off with a nonsense answer. I felt like just taking the car and smashing it front on into some truck at that time but she did this in front of Jonathan and it was a Sunday so we just sat down in front of the TV and watched some Walking Dead followed by a few Mash episodes.

I have to say that the car smashing still feels very very tempting though, sigh…

Oh, I spent most of the Saturday setting up the Christmas decorations for 1st of Advent. Even if my “wife” is somewhat “preoccupied” with other things I will at least try to make a decent last family Christmas for the kids, It was a pain to get the outdoor lights up since it was snowing in the morning. Yuck.

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